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A Christmas poem

A Christmas poem… what better way to sign off for the year.

Another year has past and gone,
Projects have been lost, projects have been won.

Do we remember what we did in March, April or May,
Probably not, as we’re too busy thinking about today.

But alas 2016 is coming to an end.
No time to wonder what would have been,
But all the time to plan next years where to be seen.

New plans, new actions, new milestones to hit,
We will strive, we will work hard, with an invigorated new year grit.

We wonder what new clients and exciting challenges the new year will bring,
A fashion designer from Dubai, a New York jeweller with a ring.

Our minds run wild with what is yet to be,
We long for that next level,
To climb higher on that tree.

But wait,
It’s the last day of work,
Christmas is here…

No more talking shop,
Pass me a beer.

From the team here at designmc,

we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

See you all on the other side.

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designmc does Christmas Dog Treat design

“Oh here ye, Oh here ye” Christmas is upon us once again! So, designmc does Christmas Dog Treat design.

What better way to get those festive juices flowing, than to create a fun and friendly gift for our fluffy friends. Once again, our most creative (and loopiest) client, The Dog Treat Company (www.thedogtreatcompany.co.uk), has turned to us to create their newest Christmas product range.

(We couldn’t have been happier to receive their call, and have had Christmas songs playing in the studio all week)

After a team workshop in the studio and with input from The Dog Treat guys, we came up with the name ‘Bark the Herald’. (There were many more, such as; ‘Santa Paws’, ‘Little Drummer Dog’, ‘Santa Puppy’).

The design work begun…

Now as you can imagine, what with the somewhat exacting subject matter we were tasked with, this design styling was really only going to take one direction.

The question was, ‘just how Christmassy could we make it’?

The answer… VERY!

After a few versions and much deliberation, we came up with the all encompassing Christmas themed ‘Bark the Herald’ character design. Covered in all things Christmas, from head antler baubles to wearing an Elf costume, we felt it couldn’t get more Christmas themed. The new product was done and ready to hit the shelves.

This is the latest in a series of the companies limited editions range that we have created for The Dog Treat Company. A company whose brand is becoming more and more unique with each step it takes. From the creation of the ‘God Save the Corgi’ product commemorating the Queens 90th, to the rather taboo ‘Woofarendum’ product post-Brexit.

We continue to grow and take great enjoyment from watching (and helping) the team at The Dog Treat Company, take the dog treats market by storm. Their products are not only premium quality, filled with care and the very utmost of attention. But the brand is now multi-national, and beginning to get serious traction with the big players in the UK market. (And we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the journey with them).

We have always said here in the designmc studio (and engrained as our own ethos), that the best designs… are the ones that see the world from a different angle. Breaking the norm, and not being scared to be different.

The Dog Treat Company is a prime example of a company doing things differently.

(Long live The Dog Treat Company… live long unique thoughts and approaches… huzza!)

If you would like to get your hands on your very own limited edition dog treat gift for your pampered pal. (Not to mention you would be the envy of your friends with such stylish taste in packaging choice too!). Simply click here and check out whats in store; www.thedogtreatcompany.co.uk

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our latest creative venture here in the designmc studio. For this, and many other creative yummies, check us out; www.designmc.net … and remember… Like / Share / Follow (it is nearly Christmas)

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Evolving a beauty brand identity

Over the last year designmc has been evolving a beauty brand identity with one of our more fabulous clients, K7L. www.K7L.com

The K7L team approached us way back in October 2016, requesting that we create a striking brochure piece for their brand. This was to be one of many projects that our team would work on with the K7L collective.  (You can check out that brochure design here, in our own portfolio gallery).

Since that first fab project, we have been working closely with the guys at K7L to come up with elegant creative solutions for their brand. Including the design of such items as; window displays, make-up stands, flyers, large print stickers and many more.

What makes K7L distinctive to us here in the studio, is their devoted desire to showcase their brand with the utmost of class and style. This was the very reason we were so excited to work with them in the first place, and still are equally excited to this day with each brief we receive. (No, were not just saying that incase the client reads this… we mean it).

After having now formed a solid working relationship with the team at K7L, we felt it was about time that we showcased our knowledge to them. (Not that we hadn’t been doing this anyway). We felt it was time that we started to evolve, and formulate a consistent brand identity for K7L. One that would be unique to their brand, and how it would be showcased to the world.

We have worked on many creative briefs with the team, and the one glaringly obvious element to the K7L brand that we all felt should be elevated. Is their beautifully impactful, and highly stylish imagery. This, coupled with their luxuriously contemporary brand identity, we felt was a match made in heaven.

We begun to deliberate with everything we were doing.

A few projects later (and one inspirationally poignant music moment… The White Stripes ), our new K7L creative direction was born.

Symmetry was the name of the game.

Both visually engaging and intriguing to the audiences eye, we are now evolving the K7L brand identity with a world of symmetrical beauty.

We look forward to further building the K7L brand identity, and working with the team on many more creative briefs. (… and we shall continue to drop hints about creating a symmetry video piece for them also).


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designmc gets involved in a student awareness scheme

It has been a truly crazy couple of weeks in the designmc studio lately. However, through all of the project madness, designmc gets involved in a student awareness scheme. (We did not see that one coming).

This project was our first real creative challenge, set by our fab new client, Pukka Films. www.pukkafilms.com

The subject matter of the project surrounds itself around creating a cautionary awareness regarding travelling, for students. The aim of the scheme is to highlight the potential dangers that students need to be aware of, whilst at the same time not stifling their zest for adventure. It is within that very message of the scheme, that the creative challenge showed its eager head.

The design work we created for the scheme needed to be reflective of this sense of adventure. Whilst also conveying the consciousness of being vigilant at all times. The conceptual idea we created also needed to be not only relevant, but talk directly to the target audience. All of these considerations meant that our idea, and visual design application, was key to the message.

After much deliberation (and some pretty odd ideas)… we had our eureka moment!

We came up with the very on-trend concept of, ‘selfies’.

We felt that not only is the use of the selfie relevant to the target audience, but it is cleverly intertwined with travelling and how young people submerge themselves into the environments. The use of the selfie also elevates the engagement when conducting the scheme with the students, due to the visual being familiar to them, and most likely an action they conduct themselves.

The Travel Aware Scheme had been born.

We are unfortunately obliged to not showcase the full schemes design work, due to it being a governmental piece. However, we hope that from the header visual and our project description, you get a good idea of our thought processes behind this body of work and the visual styling we came up with.

(Truth be told, were rather proud of the eureka moment and its on-point relevance, and so wanted to tell you all).

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A week in the life of a creative design studio

A week in the life of a creative design studio.  A.k.a  Scatterbrains all over the place.

Well, it certainly has been ‘one of those weeks’ in the designmc studio this week (not that we are complaining). Quite the opposite, we thought we would share the week we have had with you all.

Once upon a Monday, in a small but funky studio, there lived a design team…

Okay, we won’t tell it like that. (Had you going for a moment though didn’t we).

Our week started as every week does… with the pure hatred of the dreaded Monday!  However, this momentary morning of moans and grunts, was very short lived. As in no time at all the phones of client demand begun to ring off their hooks. (They didn’t really ring off the hooks per say… but it’s a nice comical image, don’t you think).

The first project of the week came when we were approached by a returning client. This client was a firm favourite of ours from last year… these guys… www.k7l.com . The team at K7L came to us with a brand new beauty product range that they have recently created, and now want our creative bees to come up with a sparkly new brochure. Work begun.

No sooner had we put the phone down, our second client of the week came ‘a’ calling. This time it was a global data giant, based in London. www.globaldata.com  (see… we did say ‘global data’). The challenge we have been set with this new client, is something that we haven’t done before. Put simply, we’ve been tasked to create the full companies spectrum of big screen data presentations, to be showcased throughout the offices of their London HQ. This work also begun.

Just when we thought our little fingers would be busy enough for the week. The phones rang one more time. This phone call however, was to be the mother of all phone calls. (We wanted to build that one up in how we conveyed the call). This was a brand spanking new client, and not just any old new client… not that we are calling all other new clients old… but this one was special. Unfortunately, we aren’t at liberty to discuss exactly what we are working on with these guys, due to those beautiful things we all love to hate (the NDA). What we can tell you however, is that this wonderful new client is these guys www.pukkafilms.com  (exciting, right).

And that is our week summed up. (Although were not entirely sure that any of you even really care about how well our week has gone).

Well, were certainly patting ourselves on the backs, thats for sure.

The expansion of the designmc world domination, continues.

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Yes Sir, No Sir. No More

For weeks now, one of the team here in the designmc studio, has been pestering to write a somewhat controversial article. This article is intended to be a reflection of the designers daily battle that we face, to be in creative control of the projects we work on. We shall call this article…  Yes Sir, No Sir. No More.

So what is the article all about? I hear you ask.  (well it’s certainly not about us all going back to school, although the subject matter may seem otherwise).

This article is an honest, and upfront, expression about the somewhat archaic mindset that designers face in our profession. What we are talking about specifically here, is the expectedly taboo subject of how the corporate mind views a designer.

As creatives it is our life’s passion to learn, grow and showcase creative solutions to the world. These challenges that require creative solutions, 90% of the time come from the corporate B2B sector. (Now don’t get me wrong… it is an entirely different challenge all together, when faced with working with other fellow creative mind clients). But lets focus on the corporate mind for now.

Without trying to sound like we are attempting a revolution here. We believe that its important, not just as professionals, but as a new age of entrepreneurial minds. That we give back a little open honesty to the way that we work. In the hope that this honesty, will in turn allow other professional fields to flourish when working with creatives.

(Now before we go any further here… if there are any corporate minds reading this right now, and think that this is wishy washy rubbish. You should leave. As we aren’t addressing dinosaur minds here).

For the rest of you…

I think the best way to express what we are aiming to achieve here, is to firstly give you this quote;

You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work

This is a quote said by Steve Jobs in 2005, when he was summarising his guiding principle in his life.

Now we know that everyone is now going to condemn us Apple using designers, for quoting a Steve Jobs quote. But please, hear us out….

The underlining poignancy to this quote, is that all of us designers and creative minds, think like this. We work with the utmost of passion, in everything we do. Irrelevant of whether what we are creating is for somebody else or not. It is always created from our deep seeded love of what we do.

Now imagine, if you can, someone stepping in (who isn’t a creative mind and hasn’t dedicated their life to their knowledge), and tells you to do it their way. The scenario normally goes…

  • The designer is asked to create a solution to a corporate conundrum
  • The designer comes up with an array of unique, and new thinking, solutions to the conundrum
  • The corporate mind steps in, and tells the designer they must do an idea that they have come up with instead.

Im sure that in this moment, the designers reading this now will all be nodding in agreement. The corporate minds of you out there, will probably be thinking “stop your wining, and being precious about your work”.  Well guys… that there lays the problem.

We are not expressing this to be anarchistic. Not in any way. We are expressing this, because not only do we want to showcase our work to the best of our abilities. But in allowing a designer to do what we do best, the corporate world too will flourish, and new industry leaders will stand up above the crowd.

Why will you stand up above the crowd?

Because your approach and output, will be new / unique / modern / fresh / inspiring / clever / engaging… the list goes on. (You see, us designers can also write good lists).

The long and short of it is this… how angry and fed up would you be Mr. Corporate mind, if a designer came to you and told you how to do your job?

We aren’t saying here that we have the exact right solution from the off, to every brief we are given. Of course a project requires communication and collaboration, in order to achieve the very best results. (Christ, we have NO IDEA what the projected yearly analytics of that global data company is). We need to work closely with the client in order for us to get an understanding of that. What we are saying here is, once that understanding of requirement is conveyed… let us do what we do best, for you.

The world will fast become a much more visually engaging and insightful place. But this will only happen when the old understanding of corporate interpretations of what is design, gets moved on from.

Yes, that infographic needs to show all of the in’s and out’s of the project data… but, that infographic doesn’t have to look like it is straight out of the 80’s.

Yes, that poster advertisement does need to convey the new tax percentages… but, it doesn’t need to look like it is firmly part of the nanny state.

As a final point…  (to this rant being concluded)

Design is so much more than pretty pictures. There is a whole raft of thought processes put into each and every piece created. Everything within that design, is there for a reason. So, before you shoot those creative thoughts down… take a little time to see them for what they are.

Oh, and by the way… we are creating those pieces of design to elevate ‘your’ business in your field.

Be different. (It isn’t so scary).


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designmc creates a health food delivery brand identity

This week designmc creates a health food delivery brand identity.

Now, we are aware that it’s been a while since we posted a project article. This is because we are totally run off our feet here in the studio. (Which of course, we aren’t complaining about). However, before we can find the time to sit down and write up an article on one of the more complex projects for you all to read. We thought it would be nice to showcase a little creative startup project we are working on.

One of our longest standing clients, and one who was there when we were working in the kitchen of the founders apartment, has come to us with a new venture. The company is to be called, Buff Body Meals, and it is a health food / high protein meal delivery service. The target audience for the brand (as Im sure you have already gathered by the name), is aimed at people who want to keep fit and healthy.

Our brief was simple…  create a brand identity that was bold and impactful, but not too ‘health food fluffy’ (our clients words). The logo ident needed to be male and female neutral, as to not alienate any sex. Lastly, the design needed to be contemporary, to appeal to the modern consumer.

The designmc minions began work…

We started this logo ident by looking at the competition within the field, and to our surprise everything was… boring! (shock horror). So, we decided to go about approaching this brand design from a different perspective.

We are all fully aware that there is a food and body conscious movement happening in today’s society (well… maybe not so much in America, but certainly here in the UK). With this understanding, we approached the design work from a revolution standpoint. Which, in turn, would showcase Buff Body Meals as the company at the forefront of such a movement. (As if they are rallying the troops).

Once we were clear on the ‘why’, we focused on the design execution. We looked at revolution posters and media graphics, and by far the most impactful was that of the Soviet Revolution. With this image of power and uprising clearly showcased with ‘the hand’ symbol, we wanted to turn it on its head a little.

So… we added a ‘fork’.

This subtle piece of concept creative, made the whole logo ident relevant to the companies product and service.

And so, Buff Body Meals, was born.  (Let the revolution begin).

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Creative App design with new age thinking

We have been a little quiet on the blogging and articles writing front for designmc these last couple of weeks. But it is all with a good reason. These last few weeks we have been working tirelessly on a creative app design with new age thinking.

The App isn’t yet complete, but we have completed the brand identity and the App has been designed. By designmc, of course. It is now being digitally built, as we speak (or read as the case may be). However, we thought it would be great to be able to tell people all about what this great App does. (So you can all be ready to buy it when it comes out in the Appstore).

The App is called, Proximate. It is the brainchild of the founder and CEO, Christopher Fairclough. Christopher came to us here at designmc when he had the idea of creating an App that would be a genuine aid to parents and teachers alike. To explain clearly, this App basically allows parents and teachers of children, to set a zonal perimeter in any location. What with their being a worrying rise in children going missing, and the world being the dangerous place it unfortunately is for the young. This App allows the adult to keep a watchful eye on their loved ones, or class of children.

Using a clever, very contemporary design, the App’s functionality allows for the adult to state a zone within the city that the child/children must remain within. The moment any child exits that zone there is an immediate alert to the phone of both the adult, and the child. Acting as both a warning alert, and beacon, to the now astray child. The map on the App then shows the location of the missing person, allowing for the ease of tracking them down.

The purpose of the App is for piece of mind, allowing the parent/teacher to feel that they are in more control in a situation that otherwise could be really concerning.

The whole venture is exciting, as the flexibility and growth of the App can expand to a range of functional possibilities, such as;

  • car tracking (for the new driver)
  • group tracking for the older generation (for parties and get togethers)
  • objects tracking (for valuables)

We are very excited to be a part of this new and exciting venture, and we look forward to being able to tell everyone that this great App is out in the world for all to use.

(Oh, and the idea we have for the launch is going to be incredible… we can’t say too much, but what we can say is in two words… Leicester Square).

Watch… this… space.